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Historical United States County (HUSCO) Boundary Files

The Historical United States County Boundary Files (HUSCO) CD contains ArcView shapefile format county boundary files for the contiguous United States for each decade from 1790 through 1990 (also 1999). Files include county and state names as well as FIPS identification numbers and county area estimates. Territories enumerated by the U.S. Census are also included.


PC or compatible, with Windows 95,
        NT 4.0, or above.
CD-ROM drive.
ArcView or ArcInfo* GIS software
       (or a GIS program capable of importing


$150 plus $5 shipping and handling.



© 1991, 1996, 1999 Carville Earle.
*ArcView and ArcInfo are registered trademarks of ESRI Corporation, Redlands, CA.

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